Noel Hamilton – Otter Graduate

This is Noel Hamilton, age 6.  She has tested out of the Otter class level and can now swim independently in the water!  She came to EVO Swim School with some reservations about swimming in general but by the end was begging her instructor, David, for an evaluation each week.  David said, “Noel has done such a great job overcoming her fears and can swim all the way across our pool with no problem.”  Congratulations Noel!


Tommy Billings – Otter Graduate

This is Tommy Billings, age 9.  He passed off the Otter group level requirements and can now swim independently on his own.  This is a big step and we are happy for Tommy as he takes this critical step to enjoying the water and doing it safely.  Tommy’s instructor, Caleb, said that he was the “awesomest” kids ever.  Tommy said, “I am awesome and can’t wait for the next level!”  Congratulations Tommy!


Mackenzie Spencer – Seal Graduate

This is Mackenzie Spencer, age 4. She recently graduated from the Seal class and moved up to be a Sea Lion! When she first came to the school she was petrified of the water. A few months later she is swimming like a fish. Her instructor, David, commented, “Mackenzie has progressed so quickly. I can remember when she would wrap her arms around my neck and not let go. Now she is swims like nobody’s business back and forth across the pool.” Congratulations Mackenzie!


Trevor Ryon – Seal Graduate

 This is Trevor Ryon, age 6.  He has just graduated from the Seal class.  When asked what he liked the most about his class Trevor said, “I just think Caleb is a really really cool teacher.”  Caleb commented that he got a kick out of Trevor’s “goofy” personality and will miss doing their secret handshake after each lesson.  Congratulations Trevor!


Desireh Loraine Hernandez – Otter Graduate

This is Desireh Loraine Hernandez, age 7. She just graduated from the Otter class. Now that she can swim independently in the water, she is ready to move to the Seal class level. Her instructor Allison said, “It was so nice to see Desireh move on. She is going to do great in her next class.” Desireh said she is ready for the next step in becoming a better swimmer. Congratulations Desireh!


Lindee Cooper – Sea Lion Graduate

 This is Lindee Cooper, age 6.  She has just graduated from Sea Lion class.  Her instructor Jennifer was very proud of her and commented on her effort in the class.  Jennifer said, “Now Lindee can challenge her older sister at the Porpoise level!”  When asked how she felt about graduating to the next level, Lindee just shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know.”  We think she was just being humble about her accomplishments.  Congratulations Lindee!


Gabriella Ruiz – Sea Lion Graduate

 This is Gabriella Ruiz, age 5. She just graduated from the Sea Lion class.  When asked what she liked the most about her class Gabriella said (with a big smile), “play time.”  Her instructor Lorraine said they really had to work on her kicks and back floats but over came the challenge together through hard work and consistency.  Congratulation Gabriella!


Tatum Falls – Sea Lion Graduate

 This is Tatum Falls, age 8.  She just graduated from the Sea Lion class.  Her instructor Jennifer commented that even through Tatum had not been swimming for some time she really worked hard and her skilled came back to form quickly.  Jennifer is excited to see her progress throughout the summer.  When asked what she like best about the class Tatum said, “I really liked the one arm drills the best.”  That was a true statement seeing how quickly she progressed.  Congratulations Tatum!


Devon Bullock – Sea Lion Graduate

 This is Devon Bullock, age 5.  He just graduated from the Sea Lion class in an impressive fashion!  When asked what he liked about his class, Devon said he liked the challenge of only taking two breaths per length of the pool.  Lorraine his instructor said, “Devon is a confident little guy work works hard each and every lesson.”  Congratulations Devon!


Ciara Foy – Sea Lion Graduate

This is Ciara Foy, age 6.  She just graduated from the Sea Lion class with flying colors!  Kelly, her instructor commented on how well Ciara listened to instructions and really concentrated on making corrections to her strokes when asked.  We asked Ciara how she felt when she passed off her evaluation and looking somewhat shy she just shrugged her shoulders.  Inside we are sure she is quite impressed with her progress.  Congratulations Ciara!