EVO Now Offering Paddle Board Yoga

img_0477img_0459Paddle board yoga is a new and challenging way to get an incredible workout. Our paddle boards are large and stable. Each classes can and will cater to any level and promises to deliver a fun and challenging workout every time (NO prior yoga experience required). Conducted at the EVO SanTan Gilbert location, enjoy our shaded pool, year-round 86 degree water, and a beautiful view of the Gilbert Temple. Child care is also available for a small fee.

Class Schedule starting September 20th:
– Every Tuesday 9:00 to 10:00am
– Every Wednesday 10:00 to 11:00am
– more class times coming soon, tell us your preference!

– $3 childcare per child, per class
– $5 childcare per two or more children per class

– $15 each for booking a full class of six people in the same class
– $25 per single class
– $22.50 per single class for parents with children currently enrolled in EVO programing
– $22.50 per class when purchased in groups of 10 or more classes
– $20 per class when purchased in groups of 10 or more classes with children currently enrolled in EVO programming
– Free lap swim included after any paddle board class until 12:00pm (swim at your own risk – no lifeguard on duty)

Booking Requirements:
– ALL classes must be booked and paid in advance
– Cancellations made more than 24 hours ahead of time will be credited back to your account for future use
– Cancellations made less than 24 hours ahead of time are not allowed and payment will be retained regardless of your attendance
– Classes can be booked a maximum of two weeks in advance
– Classes with less than three reservations will be combined or cancelled (classes must have at least 3 in attendance at all times)

How Do I Sign Up?
– If you already have a child enrolled in swimming lessons, just call us to book a yoga class time
– If you are new to EVO, click on the “pre-registration” button in the upper right corner of your screen
– Fill out and submit (note that no payments or enrollments happen automatically)
– Once you submit your pre-registration you will be prompted to call us to book your class time(s)

img_1080About Our Instructor:
April Haroldsen

ACA Certified SUP Yoga Instructor
ACA Certified SUP Instructor

I have been a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2007. I am drawn to the style of Power Vinyasa, blending strength, breath, and flow of movements… complimented with a Rad playlist, of course!
Whether we are in the Studio, or on the Water we have a great time!

My teaching style light, fun, and encourages us to not take ourselves too seriously! One building block at a time, I thoroughly enjoy teaching Beginner through Advanced Students.
Through progressive sequencing, alignment, body mechanics and yogic philosophy with intention, I encourage students to keep growing beyond their perceived limitations.

I have learned the value in knowing we are capable of more than we think we are. We tend to surprise ourselves when we try.

Words to live by: “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

Myth Busting: Should Swimmers Lift Weights?

us_olympic_gold_medallist_swimmer_michael_phelps_m_4ed6c8729fAs teenage and adult swimmers begin taking EVO’s Gilbert swimming lessons, they often ask about other training they should or shouldn’t do to improve their endurance and performance. Weight lifting is an integral part of most athletes’ training, but many swimmers hesitate to do it for fear of bulking up and creating drag that reduces their speed. But is this fact or fiction?

We’re busting this myth!

Not only is it ok for swimmers to do strength training, but it’s actually encouraged because of the many benefits it helps achieve:

Increases speed

Contrary to common belief, lifting weights can increase a swimmer’s speed because it helps build the arm, leg, shoulder, and back muscles that propel you through the water faster.

Liberty University assistant swim coach Jessica Barnes explains, “Weight training was absolutely beneficial to my swimming in college [at Penn State]. Before college I had never lifted, only did pull-ups for strength work; therefore, I knew I had a lot of room for improvement in getting stronger and increasing my muscle mass. I put on 15 pounds of muscle over the course of my four years, and as a result of getting stronger outside of the pool, I got faster in the pool.”

Helps prevent injuries

Weight lifting also increases bone density while strengthening tendons, ligaments, and weak areas that are prone to injuries, like a swimmer’s shoulders. USA Swimming suggests several dry land exercises for improving strength and preventing injuries, including:


Keeps your body in shape during the off-season

Unless your swim team practices year-round, there are going to be weeks on end — perhaps months — when you aren’t swimming as regularly. Although the main season is usually seen as prime training time, what happens during the off-season is equally (if not more) important. Many swimmers take time off, indulge in foods that are normally off limits, and cut back on their training. However, those who keep up with their diet and exercise routine (including weight lifting) not only stay in better shape during the off-season, but also have a faster and easier transition back into the pool.

Swimming World reports several areas that swimmers can focus on improving by doing strength training during off-peak times, including healing injuries, strengthening weak links, improving body composition, and increasing overall athleticism.

Boosts mental health

Weight lifting isn’t just good for the body — it’s good for the mind and soul too. Studies show strength training reduces stress, releases endorphins that make you feel happier, increases your energy, and provides many other mental and emotional benefits.

Based on these facts, it’s safe to say that swimmers should ignore this myth and embrace strength training! For more information on EVO’s Gilbert swimming lessons, as well as tips on how to safely and effectively incorporate weight lifting into your routine, contact us at 480-539-2660.

My Water Safety Scare, Please Stay Vigilant

backayard pool funWe recently received some feedback from a current customer with EVO Swim School. We wanted to take this opportunity to share their story of success.

To whom it may concern at EVO,

I thought I would take the time to share an experience our family recently had. It was a scary moment, but ended well, and is a great reminder about the need for pool safety, strong swim skills, and an understanding of what drowning looks like.

I debated it in my head, but I really think this story may be beneficial for others to hear. This summer we had a scary moment in the pool with friends. It was only a moment, but it really reminded me how important swim safety is.

Two families were getting into a pool to swim. I was already in the pool with several kids, my own and friends. Both of my boys are well trained and excellent swimmers for their ages, so I am always close at hand, but seldom worried. My youngest Joshua was about four feet behind me. Suddenly I hear, “He’s drowning me!”

I turned around and it took a few seconds to register the two bobbing children before me. His friend had gotten into the pool, but was not wearing the puddle jumper (flotation device) that he normally does. Of course this friend panicked not being able to swim. And naturally he reached out and grabbed onto my son. It seems it was seconds, maybe 20-30 (?), that the boys struggled and bobbed silently in the water before my son was able to call out. All of this happening while I was directly next to them. I was able to reach the children and pull the non-swimmer child off and both were then safe. Of course they were both terribly upset and their mothers both stunned. We talked about pool safety and how to handle a drowning situation.

Friends, pool safety is serious business. Drowning is silent and quick. Don’t ever assume because your children are strong swimmers that they are safe in the water. There’s really no such thing. Also, please consider that most Swim School’s discourage any use of flotation devices for non-swimming children as they give them a false sense security in water. It only takes one time for a child to enter the water forgetting their customary flotation device to then be in real and immediate danger of drowning.

I’m so thankful for a positive outcome to those few, but potentially lethal, seconds in the pool. I have to tell you I’m thankful for every penny I have ever spent on swim lessons and safety training. I feel the tender mercies of heaven that both little boys were unscathed.

Please take the time to learn about pool safety, teach pool safety to your kids, and practice what to do in a pool emergency.
I highly recommend any swim program that is a member of, and follows, the U.S. Swim School Association guidelines and teaching methods. Our family has chosen EVO Swim School and Rio Salado Swim Team.”

Thank you for being the swim instructors for my family. My son Joshua’s (age 5) strength as a swimmer helped him save himself, and his friend, long enough for a parent to intervene. We love what you do here at EVO Swim School and want to thank everyone for the opportunity to teach our little swimmers how to become strong and safe in the water.

Thank You!

Wendy Morris