EVO Staff Spotlight: Head Site Coach Dee Stancikas

If your family takes lessons or competes on a team at EVO/RIO’s Gilbert swim school, you’ve probably met Dee Stancikas, our Head Site Coach. But did you know she’s a multitalented athlete whose swimming skills are closely rivaled by her roundhouse kicks and water polo shots? Surprise!

We sat down with Dee to learn more about her athletic talents and help our students get to know her better too. Next time you visit EVO/RIO, be sure to stop by and say hello to Dee!

EVO: Hi, Dee! For those who don’t know you, can you share a little bit about yourself and your role at EVO/RIO?

Dee: Sure! I’m originally from Yorba Linda, a city in Orange County, California. I moved out to Arizona with my boyfriend when he accepted a new job. I was a water polo coach in California and fell in love with teaching kids, so I applied to be a swim coach when we moved here. As EVO/RIO’s Head Site Coach, my job is to help our students develop and refine their technique, oversee our coaching staff, and communicate with parents.

EVO: We’re happy to have you! So far, what’s your favorite part of working at our Gilbert swim school?

Dee: My favorite part is getting to know the kids, helping them improve their strokes, and seeing their results. I also love making connections with them and learning about their interests outside of the pool.

EVO: Yes, we’ve seen how much they look up to you too. When you were in their shoes as a young swimmer, what was your fondest memory?

Dee: The state meet during my senior year of high school was the best meet I ever had. I didn’t win anything, but I placed higher than I was supposed to. My team placed the highest it had in years, and for a competitive swimmer who was never the fastest or strongest, it felt good to walk away from my last meet knowing it was my best!

EVO: What a great way to cap off your high school swimming career. Now that you’ve graduated and started your professional career, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

Dee: I’m finishing my degree in nutrition and wellness, so I spend a lot of my time studying. When I’m not in school or at work, I love kickboxing, hiking, spending time with my boyfriend and dog, camping, boating, and visiting family and friends in California.

EVO: No wonder you’re so busy! Well, we’re happy to have you as part of our team, and we know the kids feel the same way. Thanks for chatting with us!