Swimming Lessons Start Tuesday, May 26th


EVO Swim School has determined a safe way to open back up for swimming lessons starting Tuesday, May 26th (right after Memorial Day weekend). Please read this post carefully for important information about how to get re-enrolled for lessons.

As you know, this shutdown has been very difficult on all small businesses and ours is no exception. As a show of support for our program we are looking for anyone that would like to generously trade their two-week March tuition credit in exchange for make-up lessons. This would help us tremendously as we start the long slow process of reopening and rebuilding. If you are able, please let us know you would be willing to donate when you call to re-enroll. We would appreciate it tremendously.

> We will open with semi-private lessons at the group lesson rate until it’s safe to add additional students to a single class.
> Lessons will be offered from 9am to 1pm and again from 3pm to 7pm at the Pecos Road location and from 3pm to 7pm at the Power Road location.


PRIME HOURS (9am-12pm & 3-7pm)
> $86 per month PER CLASS taken on a weekly basis IN A PRIME SPOT
> Prime lessons can be taken non-prime lessons to reduce your monthly cost for multi day lessons per week

NON-PRIME HOURS (12pm to 1pm)
> $75 per month for your 1st weekly class taken IN A NON-PRIME SPOT
> $86 + $75 per month ($161 total) for your 2nd weekly class taken IF YOUR FIRST CLASS IS IN A PRIME SPOT
> $75 + $60 per month ($135 total) for your 2nd weekly class taken IF YOUR FIRST CLASS IS IN A NON-PRIME SPOT

We will exercise these safety guidelines to protect staff members, patrons, and the community until it becomes reasonable to relax these guidelines:
1. We will open with semi-private lessons at the group lesson rate until it’s safe to add additional students to one class.
2. Students will sit on the wall and be separated with a plexiglass barrier while they await their turn to swim.
3. For now our instructors will wear KN95 masks while they teach. This is for their protection as they will be face to face with many children throughout the day. However, all children will be greeted by their instructor at a safe distance WITHOUT their mask on. Instructors will talk to the children about their mask before putting it on. We don’t want to scare the children and we want them to see their instructor’s face before the lesson begins.
4. One adult per family will be allowed in the building and one chair per family will be provided. Siblings will be permitted as long as the family can remain inside the marked square provided in the viewing room.
5. Adults will only be asked to wear a mask while entering the building and again while picking up their child from the pool area when social distancing may not always be possible.
6. Adults are free to remove their masks in the viewing room where we have ample space for social distancing.
7. We will have portable sinks at the entrance doors, students and their parent will be required to wash their hands before entering the building (please dry your hands with your child’s towel).
8. Children must arrive and depart the building in their swimming suit – no changing in or out of swimming suits at the facility with exception of special or unusual needs. Please coordinate these needs with the Site Manager on duty.
9. No showers or drinking fountains will be available for use.
10. Touchable surfaces will be sanitized between each class.
11. Electronic waivers will be required to be signed online before your first practice.

1. Students and their one parent/caregiver will be allowed in the building after washing their hands.
2. Students will get in the water while parents sit at a safe distance in the viewing room.
3. At the 20 minute mark:
> parents of current students will enter the pool area for the final five minutes of class
> the next group of students and their one parent/caregiver will enter the building
4. At the 25 minute mark, current students will be released to their parents to grab their towels and will exit the building through the pool doors to exit outside to their cars.
5. At the 30 minute mark and after the pool area has been cleared, the next group of swimmers will enter the pool area.

Thank you for your continued support as we reopen our business. We look forward to seeing our swimmers back in the water!

EVO Swim School