Our Teaching Style & Your Consistency, A Winning Combination

Amazing things happen every day at EVO Swim School. We believe our lesson program is the best in all of Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe and Queen Creek. We want to prove it too! Our goal at EVO Swim School is to have any child age 2 or 3 become independent in the water as soon as possible.

This requires a consistent approach to lessons over a six to ten month period of time. Parents need to remain committed to their child’s progress. With this commitment you will have the peace of mind knowing your child can swim and be safe (not to mention it’s fun and a great form of exercise!).

Our lessons are generally once per week and those parents that are consistent over time can easily see the benefit in this approach to swimming lessons. Your child’s lessons shouldn’t just be a seasonal one or two month affair. Young children forget physical skills learned in a matter of weeks if not maintained. Practicing new skills on a weekly basis is an excellent way to maintain their skills and also continue learning new ones. This allows you time in your schedule for swimming lessons on a long term basis. THE SECRET TO LASTING RESULTS IS CONSISTENCY OVER SIX TO TEN MONTHS. We realize kids need a break from time to time but don’t underestimate the power of long term consistency.

We invite you to view the videos below. These are great examples of what our students are capable of. Our teaching style matched with your consistency is a winning combination!

Olivia started her lessons when she was 2 and a half years old. The videos below were taken just before her 3rd birthday and display her independence in the water after taking a solid six months of lessons. She cried through her first 2 or 3 lessons but caught on quickly (as you can see!).
Andrew is a 3 year old who has displays exceptional swimming ability for his age. He has outstanding use of his arms and he is seen here swimming in our third lesson level (Sea Lion class) with other children 2+ years older than he is. Check out his freestyle “big arms”.