Swimming Lessons for Babies

Evo Swimmer Dylan

Q: At what age do you recommend babies start swim lessons, and why?

A: This question is something all parents should be asking themselves. At the EVO Swim School we recommend that children start with a parent/tot lesson as early as 9 months old. We do have some children as young as 6 months however we want to make sure they are alert and can support their own head before they take an organized lesson.

Starting lessons at such an early age will accomplish two basic goals. The first goal is to accomplish a level of comfort in the water. Each child will have a unique opportunity to work with Mom or Dad in a controlled environment as they “take” to the water. They will learn basic (and instinctive) skills such as muscle relaxation and the ability to hold their breath. They also have a much easier time transitioning from Mom or Dad to an actual inst ructor. The parent/tot classes at EVO Swim School are part parent instruction and part instructor instruction. The child will have the opportunity to be handled in a class setting by someone other than Mom or Dad without the normal separation anxiety babies often experience when introduced to new people or places.

The second goal of swimming lessons at an early age is to get a head start on adapting to the skills necessary to not only enjoy the water but also save one’s own life if necessary. It is not uncommon to see babies learn to float on their back by themselves or spontaneously kick their feet when submerged in the water.

The bottom line is when early aged swimming lessons are applied; children get a head start on developing independent swimming skills by the age of 2 or 3 years old. At EVO Swim School we can always tell which 2 and 3 year old children went through our parent/tot course and which did not. We see children as young at 2 with the ability to jump in the water, float on their back for a breath and then swim back to the wall for safety (and it’s fun too).

Every day at the EVO Swim School we get the privilege of seeing kids both young and old break through the challenge of learning to swim and/or over come their fear of the water. When this happens swimming takes on a whole new meaning. For parents it is the peace of mind that comes with knowing their children are safer around water. For the kids it is a whole new world of excitement and fun every time they get in the water! We love seeing it happen on a daily basis at our swim school.