Christopher – Special Needs Student

Christopher is one of our special needs students. He came to EVO Swim School for swimming lessons one year ago. After an evaluation we had no problem putting him in a regular group lesson and welcomed the challenge of teaching him just like any of our other students. Christopher’s spirit of determination made it easy for us to move him through our Otter, Seal, and Sea Lion class levels within one year.  He has worked hard and we are proud of him.

Anne, Christopher’s mom, had this to say…“Christopher was born prematurely at 25 weeks.  He weighed 1lb 12oz and was 13 inches long.  In the NICU he had multiple surgeries for PDA, NEC and his eyes.  He had a trach (tracheotomy) until he was 4 and was medically fragile until he was 5 (including recuperation from multiple surgeries to have the trach removed by taking out an inch of his trachea and sewing the two pieces back together again).  Christopher has fine and gross motor delays, severe oral motor/speech delay, a G-tube and may fall somewhere on the Autism spectrum but alll we know is that he is the cutest little guy in the world!  He’s the one you’ll see smiling away with his instructor, “Miss Lorraine”.

You’d think that going in the pool (he never went in or near large bodies of water until he was 4 due to the trach) would be a scary thing for him but Christopher loves the water.  He can do alot of things in the water that his body won’t let him do on land.  We are doing some CCDT ( therapy with him and the pool water is great for his sensory system.  The most calm/organized times we’ve ever seen Christopher experience are those when he’s floating in the pool on his back.

EVO Swim School has worked with Christopher for 1 year now and they have shown the firm guidance with compassion that Christopher requires.  They have listened to his parents and learned how best to work with Christopher so that he can give his very best.  He loves the praise that EVO is good about giving the kids.”