Olivia – 2 years old

Olivia started her lessons when she was 2 and a half years old. The videos below were taken just before her 3rd birthday and display her independence in the water after taking a solid six months of lessons. She cried through her first 2 or 3 lessons but caught on quickly as you will see in the video below.

Karin, Olivia’s mom, had this to say…“I wanted to express my enthusiasm in having Olivia enrolled at EVO Swim School.  As a first time Mom, I researched every swim school in the east valley -literally- looking for the right mix of fun and structure. We tried a few of the well known schools, the results were disastrous. With the constant chaos of kids screaming and instructors yelling, forget learning to swim, she would no longer even get in the pool. About to give up, I learned EVO had opened and, after only 2 or 3 lessons (she had to learn to trust again) I saw a marked improvement not only in her level of swimming, but most importantly in her confidence and overall desire to learn. Understated, she simply can’t wait until her next lesson! EVO Swim School is a first-rate operation. From its hands-on owner who clearly cares about making a difference, to the hand-picked teachers who treat each child like they were family, the beautifully designed pool/viewing room and the progress blogs – all carefully designed to help each child develop a life-long love of swimming. I can’t wait for my newborn twins to begin classes! Now isn’t that what it’s all about?”