Taylor – 9 years old

Taylor stared taking lessons at EVO Swim School less than a year ago. When she started we noticed right away that she was fearful yet willing to learn. We spent the first few lessons building her confidence and it was all down hill from there. She graduated from our first and second group level on the same day she progressed so quickly. Now she is swimming all four strokes and is getting ready to swim competitively in our Advanced class.

Kurt, Taylor’s dad, had this to say…“Amazing! That is how we would describe Taylor’s progress at EVO. She got a slow start in the pool, age wise, due to the tubes we had put into her ears when she was younger. After the tubes came out and she could go under water, we started trying to teach her how to function in the pool so that at summer camp she would be able to hang out with her friends in the deeper areas of the pool. Well, we could not get her to keep from holding her nose with one hand. So, we started her at EVO.

We would like to thank you and Lorraine for being the early influences that have helped her, we think excel, at swimming in such a very short eight (8) months. We believe she has had every instructor at least once and all of them have been nothing short of excellent in their support and praise. The support and praise, we feel, are the things that encourage her to continue to strive to really learn swimming.

Things we will always remember about these first eight months: (1) The smile on her face when you gave her a high five the first lesson. (2) The smile on her face when she passed two levels in her first advancement test after her 3rd week. (3) The smile on her face, and the proud look she had shown, when at one lesson, Lorraine moved her from third in line to first in line for a backstroke drill, and said “Taylor, go ahead. Now, everybody, watch how she does it”. Lorraine may not remember that, but we do, and Taylor talked about that all the way home that night. (4) The amazement of the instructor when she did the dolphin kick perfectly the first time, with the comment to me, “she’s a natural”. And then in the same lesson, the “oh my” thought we had when she did her first butterfly stroke excellently. (5) The “oh my gosh” look she gave me, and how much she talked and text messaged about it to friends and family, when you asked to do the video and blog about her. (6) The huge smile and the “Yes! attitude” she had in her eyes after passing Dolphin to move to Advanced, and how she was talking and laughing with her classmates afterward.”