Updated Mask Policy

As all of you are aware, the Governor’s announcement regarding masks last week has presented an opportunity for businesses like ours to reevaluate our mask-wearing policy. However, these transitions also put small businesses like EVO in a difficult position. We have customers on both ends of the spectrum with regards to opinions about mask-wearing. There are many of you that are done wearing masks and ready to move on. There are others that haven’t been able to get the vaccine yet and are at risk themselves or live with a loved one who is still at risk. At EVO, we strive to be mindful of all of our customers and their viewpoints.

This is a complex and divisive issue and we are striving to find a balanced approach as we move forward. We know that there is not one answer that will please everyone.

Therefore I would just ask that you lend us some grace during this dilemma. We are striving to respect and understand the viewpoints of all of our customers. I’m doing my best to navigate this issue in the most reasonable way possible.

In an effort to allow more of the vulnerable population to become vaccinated, but at the same time give others a light at the end of the tunnel, we will require masks inside our buildings for TWO more weeks. Customers and children on our outdoor pool deck can choose to not wear a mask if they so desire.

Assuming there isn’t a dramatic increase in Covid cases in our area, starting Monday, April 12th, our customers will have the option not to wear a mask if they so choose inside our buildings. If we do have customers still uncomfortable at this point, we would encourage you to double mask and we will do our best to provide as much social distancing as possible for our masked customers.

Because our staff have not all be fully vaccinated, we will remain unified and continue to wear for the foreseeable future.

I acknowledge how many people have supported us through this pandemic. For that I am grateful. I hope you will continue to do so now. Please know we have always strived to navigate our way through this pandemic thoughtfully while considering the viewpoints and concerns of our diverse customer base.

Thank you,

David Tait
Owner, EVO Swim School