Gilbert Swimming Lessons Year-round

Swimming lessons in Arizona are not a luxury, they are a necessity.  They are important no matter where you live, but Arizona’s warm climate encourages Arizonans to spend their leisure time in or around pools long after the summer is over.  This makes the lifesaving skill of swimming a priority all year long in Arizona.

EVO was the first of its kind to offer year round swimming lessons in the town of Gilbert, opening its doors in April of 2007.  We have enjoyed getting to know the people of Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Queen Creek.  The east valley is filled with great families who stay active and want the best for their children.

If your family is anything like ours, you understand what it means to be busy! While swimming year round works great for some, swimming 365 days per year is not always best for everyone’s schedule.  There are spring and fall sports, music and dance lessons among other activities children participate in. That’s why the staff at EVO makes it easy, and is here to accommodate your schedule. Many of the fall sports will soon be coming to a close which makes the wintertime ideal for swimming lessons – especially at an indoor facility like EVO.  So give us a call! The water is warm and the instruction is the best in town.