What are EVO customers saying about us…

“Just want to let you know that your instructors are terrific and the program is great. My kids, Madison and Jacob, have really progressed and enjoy going to their weekly swimming lessons; eventhough, we have to drive all the way from Queen Creek. Thank your team and keep up the great work.”
-Genny Hogan (February 2010)

“I am so amazed and grateful for the progress Ava has shown.  She started lessons at just barely two years old, and quite fearful of the water.  The instructors at EVO are first class and the reason that we didn’t give up.  Although at times it seemed as though she would never get through a lesson in Starfish (parent-tot) without crying, the EVO instructors were always calm and reassuring, while still helping her gain skill.  After months of perseverance, and letting Ava set her own pace, she turned a corner and seems to have left any fears behind.  After only a few months in the Otter class with Jennifer, she is now in Seal and loving her swim lessons each week.  Instead of “no swim” with tears, I now hear “yeah, swim class!”  I can’t tell you how proud I was the first time I saw her go from one end of the pool to the other all on her own.  She is doing amazing things at only 2 years old because of the EVO staff.  Thank you so very much.”
-Jeanine Borger (February 2009)

“Amazing! That is how we would describe Taylor’s progress at EVO. She got a slow start in the pool, age wise, due to the tubes we had put into her ears when she was younger. After the tubes came out and she could go under water, we started trying to teach her how to function in the pool so that at summer camp she would be able to hang out with her friends in the deeper areas of the pool. Well, we could not get her to keep from holding her nose with one hand. So, we started her at EVO.We would like to thank you and Lorraine for being the early influences that have helped her, we think excel, at swimming in such a very short eight (8) months. We believe she has had every instructor at least once and all of them have been nothing short of excellent in their support and praise. The support and praise, we feel, are the things that encourage her to continue to strive to really learn swimming.Things we will always remember about these first eight months: (1) The smile on her face when you gave her a high five the first lesson. (2) The smile on her face when she passed two levels in her first advancement test after her 3rd week. (3) The smile on her face, and the proud look she had shown, when at one lesson, Lorraine moved her from third in line to first in line for a backstroke drill, and said “Taylor, go ahead. Now, everybody, watch how she does it”. Lorraine may not remember that, but we do, and Taylor talked about that all the way home that night. (4) The amazement of the instructor when she did the dolphin kick perfectly the first time, with the comment to me, “she’s a natural”. And then in the same lesson, the “oh my” thought we had when she did her first butterfly stroke excellently. (5) The “oh my gosh” look she gave me, and how much she talked and text messaged about it to friends and family, when you asked to do the video and blog about her. (6) The huge smile and the “Yes! attitude” she had in her eyes after passing Dolphin to move to Advanced, and how she was talking and laughing with her classmates afterward.”
-Kurt Gries (January 2009)

“We originally enrolled Dillon at Evo with a concern for his safety since we had numerous family and friends with swimming pools and we own a boat. Working with Jennifer, Dillon met our original expectations of being able to float, tread water and safely reach the edge of the pool sooner than we expected. I can also say I honestly didn’t expect to see Dillon cross the entire length of the pool with full arm strokes and no coaching at three years old but with Lorraine’s training, that is what he did Tuesday.

I have been impressed with the instructors understanding of the different personalities and the different approaches required for the individual children. I have watched children begin their program and cry the entire class but eventually become relaxed with their surroundings because of the extra attention given by the instructor. Other children, one in particular that I know, can get too comfortable with their surrounding and require a different form of “extra attention” which is also handled very professionally by the instructors. We have been very pleased with Evo Swim School and the progress that Dillon has made.”
-Jason Strange (January 2009)

“Clara started just after her 2nd birthday and was already really into swimming, but no where near an independent swimmer. Sometimes progress seems slow, but I have to remind myself that she’s barely 3 ½ and can independently swim across the pool and has been able to for a year (with the instructor needing to be less close over the year). On vacation last summer just before her 3rd birthday, we got lots of stares, questions asking how old she was, etc. as she happily swam between mom and dad in the Disneyland pool loaded with much older kids and their floaties.

The consistency and routine has been good for Clara. With other swim lessons we have taken, you sign up for a “session” and then often start over at the start of a new lesson. At EVO, the routine is consistent and consistent between levels as well, so that when you move to a new level, you just add a skill, but continue with the same routine.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that kids are not developmentally ready to swim until at least age 4, given what I’ve seen at Evo, I don’t think this is the case.”
-Beth Pekala (January 2009)

“We love EVO and the top -notch instruction that our kids receive there. Andrew has so much fun, loves the teachers, and has learned so much. We couldn’t believe it the first time we saw him do freestyle and backstroke – he was only 3 years old! It is exciting to see what he has accomplished at such a young age under the instruction of highly qualified teachers. It’s amazing to watch him grow. We owe it all to EVO Swim School.”
-Beth Richardson (January 2009)

“EVO Swim School has worked with Christopher for 1 year now and they have shown the firm guidance with compassion that Christopher requires. They have listened to his parents and learned how best to work with Christopher so that he can give his very best. He loves the praise that EVO is good about giving the kids.”
-Anne Field (January 2009)

“I wanted to express my enthusiasm in having Olivia enrolled at EVO Swim School. As a first time Mom, I researched every swim school in the east valley -literally- looking for the right mix of fun and structure. We tried a few of the well known schools, the results were disastrous. With the constant chaos of kids screaming and instructors yelling, forget learning to swim, she would no longer even get in the pool. About to give up, I learned EVO had opened and, after only 2 or 3 lessons (she had learned to trust again) I saw a marked improvement not only in her level of swimming, but most importantly in her confidence and overall desire to learn. Understated, she simply can’t wait until her next lesson! EVO Swim School is a first-rate operation. From its hands-on owner who clearly cares about making a difference, to the hand-picked teachers who treat each child like they were family, the beautifully designed pool/viewing room and the progress blogs – all carefully designed to help each child develop a life-long love of swimming. I can’t wait for my newborn twins to begin classes! Now isn’t that what it’s all about?”
-Karin Parente (January 2009)

“I just wanted to tell you I recently have taken swim lessons with Jennifer. She had taken the task of teaching me the freestyle stroke. I have taken lessons in the past and have never progressed as much as I have under the watchful eye of Jennifer. She is patient, skillful and explains each level of training in such a way that makes it easy to grasp. The whole staff at EVO has been more than helpful and they all seemed concerned that I achieve my goals in the water. You have what I deem a great swim school that is staffed by perhaps the best and most likeable instructors, I have experienced. I hope to have the opportunity to recommend your swim school in the future as I most certainly will do. Thanks you!”
-Rocky Landato, adult student (October 2008)

“I wanted to take a moment to reply and tell you how thrilled I am that I discovered EVO! I am continually impressed with everyone’s professionalism, level of care for the kids, and ability to deal with even the most difficult new swimmer. EVO is a treasure in the world of activities for kids and I’m honored to have my children attend.”
-Kathi Baker (August 2008)

“We want to thank the staff at EVO and specifically Lorraine, Jennifer, and Jordi for giving our girls such a fantastic and positive learning experience. These ladies displayed patience, knowledge, and positive feedback on a continual basis with our daughters. EVO Swim School is a class act with a clean and welcoming environment. Additionally, we enjoyed the “share link” as a fun way to help celebrate each child’s success. Our family is moving out of state but we will miss this place dearly. Keep up the great work and EVO will continue years of success:) THANKS AGAIN!”
-The Birgen’s (July 2008)

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your lessons at EVO. Ben started out very uncomfortable in the water and now he’s able to swim several laps on his own. Now I’ll be able to relax a little more around the pool this summer. : ) Thanks for a great program!”
-Nancy Schutz (May 2008)

“We love EVO swim school. Our four year old daughter Ria enjoys the swim classes and looks forward to them every Friday. She loves her instructor David who is gentle yet firm enough to challenge and get the best results out of her. We had our daughter in other swim school in Chandler and we found that EVO swim school is the best around town. Based on our wonderful experience we are referring EVO to many of our friends and family.”
-Sunitha Cheruvu (May 2008)