Adele Miller, Age 2 – Student Spotlight

Adele Miller, Age 2 - Otter Graduate copyEVO Swim School would like to take this opportunity to highlight one of our exceptional little swimmers.

Adele Miller, Age 2, has been swimming at EVO since July 2013. In a very short span of time, Miss Adele has grown into a confident and strong swimmer. She recently had a “Real Life” event happen over this past Memorial Day weekend which we would love to share with everyone.

Below is the first hand account from her mother Mrs. Charissa Miller:

“I will tell you all that I am very very encouraged to see her lessons have worked and stuck with her and am very relieved, because what could have been very scary, ended up being a very proud moment.

The story:
We finally got to get in the water this year during our family’s Memorial Day get together. We were eating outside and the kids were sitting on the pool deck playing and talking. Addie was playing with the pool noodles and decided to toss one into the pool. She fell in attempting to retrieve it. I didn’t see her fall, but I heard her hit the water from my seat about 10 feet away. I immediately got up and got to the pool within seconds, but by time I actually got to the edge Addie had come up, taken a breath on her back, rolled onto her belly, kicked a couple feet to the wall and was reaching up to grab the edge of the pool. I got to her right as her fingers closed over the edge and pulled her out. She was upset and obviously scared, but she wasn’t panicked.

She was back in the pool with the family within a half hour kicking around and having a blast.

When I saw her grab the wall, I thought back to her parent-tot lessons where we emphasized reaching and grabbing the wall from just a year old, the survival skill she had to master of getting onto her back when dropped in the water while an Otter, and that she is strong enough to kick several feet on her own as a Seal. I know she has practiced these skills over and over again and she went into them without a thought – it was instinct and while we had several adults that could get to her quickly on Monday it is so reassuring to know that she has these skills and they are only getting stronger as she continues her lessons. She turns 3 tomorrow, so this was my 2 year old with life saving skills — that is nothing short of amazing.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am more than impressed with EVO Swim School and how well my girls are swimming – a nearly independent 2 year old and a 5 year old on swim team. We love EVO and all of the instructors and look forward to many more successes in the future.”