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EVO Now Offering Paddle Board Yoga

img_0477img_0459Paddle board yoga is a new and challenging way to get an incredible workout. Our paddle boards are large and stable. Each classes can and will cater to any level and promises to deliver a fun and challenging workout every time (NO prior yoga experience required). Conducted at the EVO SanTan Gilbert location, enjoy our shaded pool, year-round 86 degree...

Myth Busting: Should Swimmers Lift Weights?

us_olympic_gold_medallist_swimmer_michael_phelps_m_4ed6c8729fAs teenage and adult swimmers begin taking EVO’s Gilbert swimming lessons, they often ask about other training they should or shouldn’t do to improve their endurance and performance. Weight lifting is an integral part of most athletes’ training, but many swimmers hesitate to do it for fear of bulking up and creating drag that reduces their speed. But is this...