What is Evo Swim School?

EVO Swim School is an evolutionary learn-to-swim facility with complete resources to offer the very best in aquatic instruction for infants, children, pre-competitive swimmers, and adults. Our approach to aquatic instruction inspired our company name and motto: “Where Learning to Swim Has Evolved”.

EVO Swim School is owned and operated by David Tait. David is an accomplished athlete in the sport of swimming. He was a three time state champion and state record holder, a Junior National Champion, Senior National qualifier, and competitor at the 2000 US Olympic Trials. David coached a number of high school athletes to the State, Junior National, and National levels. He has over 20 years of experience teaching children, teenagers, and adults how to swim. David’s real passion is helping kids learn how to swim, and how to enjoy the sport that has brought him a lifetime of rewarding experiences. He is also the Director of the Rio Salado Swim Club, one of the largest competitive clubs in the state, and serves as a board member for Arizona Swimming Inc. His expertise has benefited children and adults of all ages and at all levels of aquatic participation.

Together with David’s professionally trained staff, the EVO Swim School will teach swimming as a life-saving skill that no person or family should be without. Our primary goal will be to teach children to be safe around the water. During this process, children and parents will naturally be introduced to an activity that can be fun and provide much needed exercise in a totally new environment…water! As our instruction progresses, new swimming techniques will be introduced with an emphasis on being safe, having fun, staying fit, and eventually swimming for competition.

The Evo Way

Today there are more and more choices when it comes to swimming instruction, however at EVO Swim School swimming has evolved. EVO Swim School is the premier school to master swimming goals at every level of competency. EVO is elevated above the rest, and here’s how:

Understanding the Big Picture

Our services provide instruction for every person at every level of aquatic instruction. We offer parent-tot classes for babies learning to swim, all the way to advanced instruction which helps many of our competitive swimmers obtain college scholarships. Our ultimate goal would be to have the pleasure of teaching your child how to swim for safety first, then for backyard fun, then for fitness, and finally for competition.

Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with both students and parents in mind. The pool is designed with “rim flow” gutters, providing supervisors and viewers with an unobstructed view and calm waters during lessons. Our viewing room caters to a parent’s busy lifestyle offering free wi-fi in addition to a clear view of everything being taught in the water. Our play area gives Mom and Dad a break when brothers and sisters might be along for the ride. But the best part is that everything is indoors, so you can beat the Arizona heat with air conditioning, and enjoy a comfortable environment all year long!

Disciplined Instruction

EVO Swim School is by no means a boot camp, but a great learning environment that allows students a steady, consistent approach to understanding how to develop the right habits. These teaching techniques make our students safe, efficient and strong swimmers. This disciplined instruction challenges your child, which supports their physical, mental and emotional health. Your child learns coordination and begins to understand the value of physical work and the persistence to succeed. This challenge creates an inward satisfaction that kids can’t get from playing video games or watching tv.

Specialized Instruction for Young Children

Children who are not yet independent in the water are placed into our first group lesson, called the Otter class. This class has been carefully designed to help young or frightened children learn at this crucial stage in their progression.

We specialize in helping 2 and 3 year old children gain a basic level of independence in the water. Our philosophy of instruction is unmatched and we pride ourselves on helping the youngest of children become safer around the water.

No Long Term Contracts & 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our highly trained staff that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied after your first four lessons. We also display this confidence by not requiring you to give us a 30 day notice of withdrawal. All we ask is a mere 7 day notice if you ever need to take a break, and there is no re-enrollment fee when you return to lessons.

We do discourage taking lessons for less than three months at a time. We want your tuition to be well spent and the investment of long term lessons really pays off in the end. However, we know your life doesn’t revolve around swimming so we have made the enrollment process as flexible as possible to meet our customer’s needs.

The Rio Salado Swim Club

EVO Swim School has the ability to seamlessly help any child advance into the world of swimming as a sport. The RIO Salado Swim Club is where new swimmers have the opportunity to become great athletes. Once your student has completed the Dolphin class, they are eligible to become part of the Rio Pre-competitive squad. A healthy competitive environment is introduced and a pathway for any child to enjoy the sport at any level. This would include recreational swimming, high school swimming or even preparing to swim in college.