Parent-Tot Instruction

Tuition shown is based on a monthly rate of one lesson per week, call for details.

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  • Starfish

    This parent/tot class requires an adult to be in the water with each baby or tot. First time swimmers will focus on a basic introduction to the water with emphasis placed on becoming relaxed, holding their breath and participation in a group setting. A great bonding experience for both parent and tot!

  • Pufferfish

    This parent/tot class requires an adult to be in the water with each baby or tot. Designed for babies who have experienced our Starfish level, are comfortable in the water and have learned to hold their breath. Emphasis in this class will be placed on breath control, unassisted movement in the water, floating, and baby survival skills. This class will prepare your child for a regular group lesson without Mom or Dad in the water.

Entry Level Instruction

  • Otter

    Designed for children who are not yet independent in the water. Breath control, kicking, floating and swimming with their face in the water are all major components of this class. Tears are common, yet fears are usually overcome within two to three lessons.

  • Seal

    Children will learn to swim from point “A” to point “B” efficiently while rolling on their back to breathe. Survival skills are also developed. This class will make your child a safe and independent backyard swimmer.

Intermediate Instruction

  • Sea Lion

    This class will introduce form swimming to your child. An introduction to “big arms” freestyle and improved breathing techniques will be the main focus. Underwater skills will also be taught for enhanced backyard fun!

  • Porpoise

    Instruction will include the freestyle stroke with the side breathing technique and backstroke. Improved endurance in the water (great exercise!) while learning the first two competitive strokes.

  • Dolphin

    This class will focus on continued endurance and efficiency in the water by maintaining freestyle and backstroke. Breaststroke and butterfly will be introduced to complete instruction of all four competitive strokes.

Advanced Instruction

  • Advanced Stroke

    Swimmers will perfect the four competitive strokes, learn flip turns, proper streamlining and build endurance in the water. As an introduction to the swim team environment, your child will learn how to circle swim and understand the basics of swimming as a competitive sport.

Adult Enrollment


Open/Make-up Classes