Clara – 3 years old

Clara has been at EVO Swim School for about a year and a half. She is another example of what consistency can do for your students over longer periods of time. She has complete independence in the water and we are proud of what she has accomplished so far.

Beth, Clara’s mom, had this to say…Clara started just after her 2nd birthday and was already really into swimming, but no where near an independent swimmer.  Sometimes progress seems slow, but I have to remind myself that she’s barely 3 ½ and can independently swim across the pool and has been able to for a year (with the instructor needing to be less close over the year).  On vacation last summer just before her 3rd birthday, we got lots of stares, questions asking how old she was, etc. as she happily swam between mom and dad in the Disneyland pool loaded with much older kids and their floaties.

The consistency and routine has been good for Clara.  With other swim lessons we have taken, you sign up for a “session” and then often start over at the start of a new lesson.  At EVO, the routine is consistent and consistent between levels as well, so that when you move to a new level, you just add a skill, but continue with the same routine.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that kids are not developmentally ready to swim until at least age 4, given what I’ve seen at Evo, I don’t think this is the case.