EVO endorsements: Our favorite at-home swim equipment

turtle kick boardOver the years, our instructors have taught thousands of kids and adults how to swim with our Gilbert swimming lessons. During those lessons, we’ve tried tons of different equipment and experienced what works best firsthand. In the coming months, we’ll be sharing our top picks for training equipment, learn-to-swim tools, and accessories to help you or your child learn the right technique and have fun!

This month, we’re talking about our favorite equipment for practicing at home. All of these items can be purchased from our North Gilbert or SanTan Gilbert locations.

Kiefer 30” Water Swim Padded Swim Bar

This tool is good for:

Beginners who are learning to kick while maintaining a horizontal position

Why we recommend it:

This bar’s comfortable, slip-resistant grip makes it easy to grab and hold in the water.

Recommended at-home exercise:

Hold the bar out in front of you, and put your head in the water. Start kicking with your feet slightly above water to splash behind you. Take a breath while maintaining the same kick, and then put your head back in the water. Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as possible while moving forward.

Acquam Gecko and Turtle Kickboard

This tool is good for:

Beginners who are learning how to swim

Why we recommend it:

We like this board because it’s the perfect size for children to hug when learning to float or swim on their backs. The turtle shape also is appealing to little kids who may be timid or scared of the water.

Recommended at-home exercises:

Have your child hug the board while learning to float on their back. Once they master exercise #1, have them hug the board while they swim to you with their face in the water. Then, practice rolling over for a security breath. Once they master exercise #2, do kick drills with them to teach the basic flutter kick. Once they master exercise #3, have them use the kickboard while learning the four competitive strokes.

The Finis Foam Kickboard

This tool is good for:

Any child, teen, or adult who is ready to swim the length of a 25-yard pool

Why we recommend it:

We like this board because it’s just the right size. It isn’t too big, but it has just enough flotation to keep your arms afloat without putting added pressure on your shoulders.

Recommended at-home exercise:

When using the Finis Kickboard, make sure not to grip the sides with your hands. Instead, place your hands flat on top, and apply light downward pressure to keep the board in place. Doing this will improve your stability in the water. Put your face down in the water while you kick to keep your body more horizontal, which will reduce drag and increase speed. Build core strength by putting one hand on the board and using a flutter kick to work on hip rotation. Improve your shoulder and lat flexibility by kicking butterfly with one hand on the board.


This tool is good for:

Beginners, people who enjoy water aerobics, and injured swimmers

Why we recommend it:

We love noodles because they’re inexpensive and can be used in multiple ways, from floatation devices for beginner swimmers, to exercise equipment in workout classes, to a kickboard substitute. Plus, kids love noodles, so they serve as a fun way to coax them into practicing.

Recommended at-home exercise:

If you or your child is learning how to swim, place the noodle in a circle around the body and under the armpits while you float in a vertical position, tread water, and learn how to kick. This also is a helpful exercise if you’re doing water aerobics or recovering from an injury. Practice flutter kicks and breaststroke kicks by placing the swim noodle under your armpits and across the chest before going into the horizontal position. To practice the backstroke kick, place the noodle under your neck with your arms extended or by your side.

For more equipment recommendations, tips on learning to swim, or information on Gilbert swimming lessons, contact EVO Swim School at 480-539-2660.

Top Three Unexpected Benefits to Learning How to Swim

As summer approaches and the weather heats up, our minds naturally are drawn to water. Swimming has many advantages, below are our top three unexpected benefits of learning how to swim.

Learning to swim is a life saving skill. Drowning is one the leading causes of death for children. During swimming lessons children learn to have a healthy respect for water. They are challenged to learn how to follow rules which indirectly save lives and prevent tragedies.

Learning to swim gives children a sense of accomplishment and pride in their abilities. Learning to swim isn’t easy. When a child figures out how to swim, their confidence grows and swimming becomes fun! We often see children begin lessons terrified of the water and within a matter of weeks they are loving it. Supporting them through this challenge (not bailing them out) is key to their ability to adapt, learn, and succeed.

It’s not always easy to get kids excited about exercising, but when they’re in the pool they barely notice how much exercise they’re actually getting. Have you ever noticed how hungry you get after swimming? It’s a positive strain on the body without really noticing it.

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