Finnley Pratt – Seal Graduate

This is Finnley Pratt, age 4. He recently graduated from the seal class at EVO swim school. Finnley was great at rolling onto his back. When he graduated his instructor David said, ” Finnley was a good student and a great kicker. He will do well in his next class.”  Finnley is now looking forward to leaning how to use his arms in the Sea Lion Class.  Congratulations on moving up!


Ryan Roberti – Seal Graduate

This is Ryan Roberti, age 5.  He recently graduated from seal class.  Ryan was able to swim across the pool three times in  just twenty seconds.  It was a lot of hard work but he did it. When Ryan graduated his instructor David said,  “Ryan is a great kid who worked very hard to make  it across the pool in time. He was a  pleasure to have in class.”  Congratulations  Ryan!


Christopher Eggen – Porpoise Graduate

 This is Christopher Egge, age 7. He recently graduated from the porpoise class. When asked what he liked about coming to swim lessons he said, “I like coming because I like to learn new things.” His instructor Lorraine said, ” He is a great kid who was very eager to learn. I loved having him in my class.” Congratulations Christopher!



Natalie Burgess – Otter Graduate

 This is Natalie Burgess, age 5. Natalie is a recent graduate of the Otter class at EVO Swim School.  She has taken the steps to learn how to be independent in the water.  When asked what she enjoyed most about the class Natalie said, “I loved rolling on my back every time my teacher tapped on my head”. Natalie’s instructor, Lorraine, said, “Natalie is such a sweet girl and I am glad to have met her”.  Congratulations Natalie!


Nathan & Brianne Burgess – Sea Lion Graduates

This is Nathan Burgess, age 8 and Brianne Burgess, age 12. They make a great brother/sister team passing off the requirements of the Sea Lion class at EVO Swim School. They are now on their way to the Porpoise class level to learn freestyle with side breaths and backstroke. Nathan said his favorite thing about the class was learning to swim on his back and Brianne said her favorite thing was learning to swim properly with her arms. Either way they both turned out to be strong swimmers. Their instructor, Brittney, was impressed by their listening skills and ability to learn quickly. Congratulations Nathan & Briane!



Hope Bethell – Porpoise Graduate

This is Hope Bethel, age 8.  She is a Porpoise graduate at EVO Swim School.  She has mastered the freestyle and backstroke disciplines of which freestyle is her favorite.  Hope has done a great job for herself at each lesson.  She works hard and we think she can go far in swimming if she continues to practice.  Great job Hope, keep up the good work!


Taylor Bond – Porpoise Graduate

This is Taylor Bond, age 11.  She is a graduate of the Porpoise class at EVO Swim School.  Next up for her will be learning the breaststroke and butterfly in the Dolphin class.  When asked what she liked most about her class, Taylor said that she enjoyed meeting new friends with the other kids in her class.  She really did a great job and we are confident she will continue to improve at the next level.  Congratulations Taylor!



Ryan Marble – Otter Graduate

This is Ryan Marble, age 12.  We are pleased to say that you are never too old to learn how to swim and Ryan proved just that.  Ryan wasn’t very comfortable putting his face in the water and holding his breath.  However, with some hard work and persistence he over came and can now swim on his own across the width of our pool.  Allison was Ryan’s instructor and was happy to see him get the hang of it.  “He is just going to take off with his skills at this point.  He is more than ready for the next challenge”, said Allison.  Congratulations Ryan!


Alyssa Rojo – Otter Graduate

This is Alyssa Rojo, age 5.  She is now a graduate of the Otter class at EVO Swim School.  She did a great job with the class and over came her fears to become a great little swimmer.  We are excited to see her continue improve at the next level.  Lorraine was Alyssa’s instructor and commented on what a sweet little girl Alyssa was.  “She was so fun to work with each week”, said Loraine.  We are all proud of her and wish to congratulate Alyssa for a job well done!


Eli Stewart – Sea Lion Graduate

This is Eli Stewart, age 5.  He is moving right along and has graduated from the Sea Lion class at EVO Swim School.  Eli will now work on freestyle with a side breath instead of rolling on his back.  This will make Eli faster in the water which will make him happy since he likes to be timed when swimming across the pool.  Everyone likes Eli and his instructor, Brittney is excited to be able to continue to teach him at the next level.  Congratulations Eli!