Kayla Campbell – Sea Lion Graduate

This is Kayla Campbell, age 6.  She is now a graduate of the Sea Lion class!  We asked Kayla what she worked the most on in her class and she said, “kicking and keeping my head down – Lorraine was always talking about that for some reason?!”  Lorraine, the class instructor, said that Kayla has a wonderful spirit about her and she always came to class determined to do her best.  Congratulations Kayla!


Zachary McConnell – Otter Graduate

This is Zachary McConnell, age 4.  He just graduated from the Otter class at EVO Swim School.  When asked what he liked most about the class he said, “kicking on the barbell”.  His kicking paid off when he tested so well and is now able to swim independently in the water.  Zachary’s instructor, Jennifer, said, “I am proud of Zachary for working hard.  Once his confidence grew he really starting progressing well.”  Congratulations Zachary!



Shelby & Britley Bell – Porpoise & Otter Graduates

This is Shelby Bell, age 7, and Britley Bell, age 4.  They are sisters both taking lessons at the same time.  Shelby just graduated from the Porpoise class while Britley just graduated from the Otter class.  Shelby said she really liked the challenge of trying to swim across the pool in 12 seconds (a requirement for the class).  Britley said her favorite thing about the class was riding the boats at the end of each lesson.  Both girls did a great job and as luck would have it, both passed off their evaluations on the same day!  Congratulations Shelby & Britley!


Gavin Magee – Sea Lion Graduate

This is Gavin Magee, age 9. He has just passed off the requirements of the Sea Lion class and will be moving on to the Porpoise level. His instructor Lorraine said that Gavin was up for the challenge and moved through the class skills quickly.  She said, “Gavin is going to be a SUPERSTAR in the Porpoise class!” When asked what his favorite part of the class was Gavin said, “kicking with the barbell”. Congratulations Gavin!


Nic Peters – Seal Graduate

This is Nic Peters, age 8.  He just graduated from the Otter class level and can now swim independently in the water!  When asked what he liked most about his class, Nic responded, “I love swimming with my brother Ben!”  Jennifer, Nic’s instructor, commented on how quickly he picked up on the skills.  She was proud of him and exclaimed, “Nic, you ROCK!”  Congratulations Nic!


Andrew Gregory – Dolphin Graduate

This is Andrew Gregory, age 10. He as just graduated from the Dolphin class level. Andrew now knows the basics of all four competitive strokes and can do them quite well. David, Andrew’s instructor, said, “Andrew is a quite kid but swims with the confidence of a seasoned veteran. I hope he will try swimming as a sport. Andrew said that butterfly was his favorite stroke since it was the hardest of the four. We are proud of his accomplishment. Congratulations Andrew!


Tracy Corbin – Porpoise Graduate

This is Tracy Corbin, age 12.  She has been working hard and just passed off the requirements to graduate to the Dolphin level.  She really worked on her side breathing and backstroke skills and is now ready to take on breaststroke and butterfly!  Her instructor, Kelly, commented that Tracy was a hard worker and always did everything that was asked of her.  We know she is going to excel at the Dolphin level.  Congratulations Tracy!


Kylee Edge – Otter Graduate

This is Kylee Edge, age 6. She has just graduated from the Otter class level at EVO Swim School. When asked how she felt about her accomplishment she seemed a little unsure. However, she made it clear that she loves swimming with her instructor, Allison. Allison responded, “Kylee is a sweet kid and always has a smile on her face. I am really proud of her!” Congratulations Kylee!


Ashley Davis – Seal Graduate

 This is Ashley Davis, age 6.  She has just graduated from the Seal class level.  When asked what her favorite part of the class was she said, “kicks and rolls” – an answer every instructor likes to hear.  Lorraine taught Ashley and said she could tell Ashley was excited to move to the next level.  Her excitement was coupled with getting her ears pierced as well.  What a day for Ashley, congratulations!


Ria Cheruvu – Seal Graduate

This is Ria Cheruvu, age 4.  She has just tested out of the Seal class level with flying colors.  David, her instructor, commented on how far Ria has come with her swimming skills.  “I remember when Ria was reluctant to put her face in the water.  She has really come a long way.”  Ria has a great personality and attitude, we are all proud of her.  Congratulations Ria!