A Parent’s Perspective on Parent-tot Classes

wmag-parent-and-totYou are looking to get your little one, ages 6 months to 3 years of age, in swimming lessons.

Our Parent Tot classes (Starfish, Pufferfish) are the first opportunity to introduce your little swimmer to lessons.

Goals for your first 1-3 lessons:
• Comfortable introduction to the water
• Small amounts of water poured over the head
• Water gently introduced to the face, eyes, and lips
• No tears before getting out of the water

Goals after confidence is achieved (no more tears or tension):
• Holding breathe while being submerged
• Kicking
• Back Floats
• Wall Exercises
• Passes to and from the instructor
• One on one interaction with the instructor (preparing for a group lesson without Mom or Dad)

What is the difference between an EVO parent-tot class and other programs in the valley? We took the opportunity to reach out to one of our customers to get their first hand perspective after going through this class with two of their children. This gave us an opportunity to provide feedback and thoughts from the other side, the parents perspective!

1) Why did you choose EVO Swim School?

I looked through a few community Facebook groups for recommendations and saw tons of suggestions for EVO. I loved the idea of being able to do swim lessons year-round, so when I saw the great facility and close location, I was sold!

2) What were your initial thoughts about joining the parent-tot class?

I was really excited about doing the parent-tot class. I loved that I didn’t have to throw my daughter into something new on her own, and it looked like it would be something fun to do together.

3) How were the first couple of lessons, how did your children take to the water?

Emmy hated it! She hated getting her face wet, she tried to run every time I set her on the edge of the pool, and she cried every time an instructor would come close. BUT, she did everything that was asked of her, even through the tears. Coach Patrick and Ben were great with her, and always reassured her with hugs and high fives. It was a long few months, but they really helped the process. Braxton did much better. He was also a little shy around the instructors, but did not have the aversion to the water that my daughter did. He progressed much quicker through the class.

4) Did you feel the class challenged your child, how?

Yes, it definitely took them both out of their comfort zone and pushed them to feel comfortable with new faces and trusting other people. My daughter is pretty stubborn and strong willed, and it was good for her to be pushed to do things she didn’t necessarily want to.

6) Throughout the weeks of lessons, did you see any change in your children (i.e. confidence, independence, comfort or skills development)?

Yes. It was really cool to see their skills develop, especially at such a young age. Emmy did not become comfortable nor independent until a few months into her Otter class, but you’d never know that now. She absolutely loves swimming and loves Patrick even more! Braxton became comfortable in the water fairly quickly, which helped his skills to progress quickly as well.

7) What were the benefits you feel you/your children received from participating in the parent-tot class?

It is always hard to turn your child over to someone you don’t know, especially in something like swim, where there is a safety factor at play. I liked being able to meet the instructors at the beginning of the experience, and see how they work with my children. It is just as important for the parents to gain trust in them as it is the kids. I also liked being able to learn the basic skills and see how they are being taught, so that I can practice with them at home. Because I had already done the parent/tot class with my daughter, I was able to start “prepping” my son before he started. (Ex. Saying “1, 2, 3 eyes wet” in the bathtub whenever I rinsed his hair, or getting him comfortable with being dunked when he was still young.)

8) As a parent, how did you feel after completing the parent-tot class?

With my daughter, I was just relieved that she had graduated and the instructors hadn’t given up on her (and still loved her!). With my son, I was actually a little sad. He only did three weeks before he was ready to move on, and I was enjoying that time with him.

Emerson & Braxton Brown 9) Once your children graduated and moved on, what growth did you see with your children inside/outside of the pool?

Both of my children have more confidence around water. It is great to see Emmy actually using the skills that she’s learned while swimming for fun, and not just paddling around the pool trying to keep her head above water. A few weeks ago she was playing in the pool and drifted a bit to where she couldn’t touch the bottom anymore. Immediately she started swimming to the side, and then flipped to her back to take a breath before beginning swimming again. I was so relieved and grateful to see that, and it has made the years of lessons worth it for her safety. My son now loves the water and could spend hours playing in the pool.

10) What are your opinions or thoughts about EVO Swim School now?

We love it here! My kids look forward to coming to swim each week, and I have been completely satisfied with the experience here. The entire staff is friendly and easy to work with, and I am blown away with how good the instructors are with the kids. They remember the kids’ names, make an effort to actually get to know them, and genuinely care about their progress. I appreciate that they are firm with the kids and have high expectations for behavior, yet can still keep the whole experience fun and enjoyable.

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