Michael Gregory – Porpoise Graduate

This is Michael Gregory, age 14.  He has just graduated from the Porpoise class.  Michael came in for a make-up and really did a great job.  His instructor David said, “Micheal just showed up and blew away the Porpoise level requirements.  I was impressed and was happy to see him do so well.  We hope to see him on our summer team in June!”  When Michael was told he was going to move up to the Dolphin level he said, “Ooh-Rah!”.  Congratulations Michael!


Branco Fistrovic – Sea Lion Graduate

This is Branco Fistrovic, age 7.  He as just graduated from the Sea Lion class with the help of his instructor, Caleb.  When asked for comment Branco said he loves the way Caleb teaches and really learned a lot.  Caleb enjoyed teaching Branco and said, “Branco is a funny kid with a great personality.  He made me laugh a lot.”  Great job Branco and congratulations on your advancement to the Porpoise level!


Garrett Goodwin, Nathan Burgess, Brenna Swaffar – Seal Graduates

This is Garrett Goodwin, age 6, Nathan Burgess, age 8, and Brenna Swaffar, age 8 (from left to right).  They all have been taking a Seal class together.  Each one has progressed and they all graduated from the Seal class together on the same night.  It was like a big party for these three.  They had a great time in class together and they all learned the skills necessary to move up to the next level.  Brittney, the class instructor said, “This class rocks!  We had a great time and they are more than ready for the next challenge.”  Congratulations Garrett, Nathan and Brenna!


Josh Heeringa – Sea Lion Graduate

This is Josh Heeringa, age 5.  He has just passed off the requirements of the Sea Lion level.  This little guy came to class and in no time at all was ready for an evaluation.  His instructor, David, commented on how Josh was always willing to go first in his lane.  “He was always racing across the pool and loved it when I would time him.  He is going to be a great competitor someday and we hope to see him on our swim team in the future!”  When asked how he felt about his accomplishment Josh just gave a big grin in return.  Congratulations Josh!


Erin Rush – Sea Lion Graduate

This is Erin Rush, age 5.  She has just graduated from the Sea Lion class with flying colors.  At just 5 years old she surprised her instructors with how hard she is willing to work at her skills.  When asked how she felt about passing off the Sea Lion requirements she humbly said, “fine” but we really think she was just playin’ it cool.  Congratulations Erin!


Christopher Gregory – Porpoise Graduate

This is Christopher Gregory, age 11.  He has graduated from the Porpoise class level and has advanced to bigger and better skills in the Dolphin level.  When asked how he feels about mastering freestyle and backstroke Christopher said, “I feel AWESOME!”  Lorraine, Christopher’s instructor, said, “Christopher is a stupendous swimmer and I am really happy to see him move on to the next level.”  Congratulations Chris!


Thomas Cox – Sea Lion Graduate

This is Thomas Cox, age 9. He is a Sea Lion graduate passing off all requirements of that class level. His instructor Jennifer said, “Wow Thomas is really excited about this.” In turn Thomas was really, really excited. So excited he as at a loss for words when asked how he felt. Congratulations Thomas and good luck in the Porpoise level!


Jessica Schultz – Dolphin Graduate

This is Jessica Schultz, age 11.  She has just passed off the requirements of the Dolphin class level.  Jessica’s instructor Jennifer said that she was excited to see Jessica move on to the Advanced level because she will get to be her instructor in that class too!  When asked how she felt, Jessica confidently said, “Yea, I feel pretty good about it.”  Congratulations Jessica!


Nicole Altnethner – Seal Graduate

This is Nicole Altnethner, age 7.  She has passed off the requirements of the Seal class.  Her instructor Allison said, “Way to go Nicole, we are proud of you.  You did an awesome job.”  Nicole said that she was happy to be a Sea Lion now.  Keep up the good work Nicole and Congratulations!


Shane Tatman – Seal Graduate

This is Shane Tatman, age 4. He is a little tiny guy but don’t fool yourself, he can really move in the water! His instructor Jordi said, “Shane is a wildman with his kicks – just what was want out this little guy. He did great in the class and I’m sad to see him move on but he is ready for the next challenge.” Shane had no comment for our reporters but was more than willing to pose for a picture. Congratulations Shane!