Dillon – 3 years old

Dillon started taking lessons with his mom started in our parent-tot class close to 1.5 years age and now can display total independence in the water.  He is another great example of what a consistent approach combined with great instruction can do for young kids in our program.

Jason, Dillon’s dad, had this to say…“We originally enrolled Dillon at Evo with a concern for his safety since we had numerous family and friends with swimming pools and we own a boat.  Working with Jennifer, Dillon met our original expectations of being able to float, tread water and safely reach the edge of the pool sooner than we expected.  I can also say I honestly didn’t expect to see Dillon cross the entire length of the pool with full arm strokes and no coaching at three years old but with Lorraine’s training, that is what he did Tuesday.

I have been impressed with the instructors understanding of the different personalities and the different approaches required for the individual children.  I have watched children begin their program and cry the entire class but eventually become relaxed with their surroundings because of the extra attention given by the instructor.  Other children, one in particular that I know, can get too comfortable with their surrounding and require a different form of “extra attention” which is also handled very professionally by the instructors. We have been very pleased with Evo Swim School and the progress that Dillon has made.”