Ask David: When Should My Child Start Wearing Goggles?

child googles 2Signing up your child for swim lessons unleashes a wave of excitement, questions, and maybe even a few concerns. When should I start teaching them how to swim? How many lessons do they need? Should I buy any equipment?

At EVO Swim School, our goal is to offer the very best aquatic instruction for infants, children, pre-competitive swimmers, and adults. Part of that instruction includes helping people be knowledgeable and confident swimmers, so over the next few months, EVO’s owner, David Tait, will be answering some of the common questions he receives from parents and students at our school.

This month, David shares his advice about one of the must-haves when teaching a child to swim: goggles!

1. Is there an appropriate age when children should start using goggles?

David: “There really isn’t an appropriate age. There is no reason for your child to have burning or itchy eyes just because you don’t want them to wear goggles. The main thing you should avoid is creating a dependency that could cause your child to panic if they don’t have goggles on or if they malfunction while swimming.”

2. Are there any situations when kids shouldn’t wear goggles?

David: “The only reason not to have children wear goggles is to allow them to get comfortable swimming without them. Many kids are too dependent on wearing goggles when they swim, so they lack confidence when they come off. I recommend having your child spend some time swimming without goggles so they feel good with and without them.”

3. Do you recommend any specific goggle brands or designs for children?

David: “I suggest buying goggles with smaller frames that are specifically designed for children. Think of them like glasses: they should fit comfortably on your eyes and be properly sized for your head and face.

Most brands are fine. At EVO Swim School, we like Finis, Speedo, and TYR. Beware of the ultra cheap goggles often sold at Target and Walmart. You might save $2, but they never work as well.”

4. Any other tips about how parents can help their children wear goggles properly or make them more comfortable?

David: “I recommend buying goggles with a single strap that splits into two straps on the back of the child’s head. Make sure the split strap portion is spread wide across the back of their head, which will help keep the goggles nice and tight on their eyes.”

If you’re interested in more advice from David about childrens’ swim products or baby swimming lessons, stay tuned for future blog posts, or contact EVO Swim School at 480-539-2660.