Ask David: Why should adults consider swim lessons?

Adult SwimmingAt EVO’s Mesa swimming school, our goal is to offer the very best aquatic instruction for infants, children, pre-competitive swimmers, and adults. Part of that instruction includes helping people be knowledgeable and confident swimmers, so over the next few months, EVO’s owner, David Tait, will be answering some of the common questions he receives from parents and students at our school.

This month, David shares his insights on adult swim lessons. While the benefits of lessons are obvious for children, we often hear from adults who are not sure if it’s the right fit for them. They want to learn how to swim better or improve their fitness, but because of pride or unfamiliarity, they may be hesitant to dive in. We sat down with David to hear more about how to overcome those hurdles and why EVO feels so strongly that swimming lessons aren’t just for kids.

1. What are some of the reasons adults may want to consider taking swim lessons?

David: “There are more adults who are poor swimmers or don’t know how to swim than you might think. The absolute #1 reason to take lessons is for safety. Adults who can’t swim can’t save themselves or a child who might be in danger. That could be a recipe for disaster, so by learning how to properly swim, adults can learn the knowledge and techniques they need to keep themselves and everyone around them safe in the water.”

2. If an adult already knows how to swim, are there reasons they would still benefit from taking additional lessons or participating in a swim team?

David: “We have lots of adults who can swim but don’t know a basic freestyle stroke. It isn’t hard to learn, and many of them quickly find swimming to be a great challenge that offers an amazing workout. We teach freestyle at all of our Adult Masters Swim training sessions. It doesn’t take long to pick up the right technique and learn the right breathing. Once you accomplish that, a whole new world of swimming opens up.”

3. Is there anything adults need to do to prepare for taking lessons or joining a team (equipment they need to buy, certain exercises they should complete or skills they should have, etc.)?

David: “No. They just need to be ready to relax and breathe!”

If you’re interested in more advice from David about adult swim lessons or information about our Mesa swimming school, get in touch with EVO at 480-539-2660.