EVO Endorsements: Our Favorite Fins

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Over the years, our instructors have taught thousands of kids and adults how to swim with our Chandler swimming lessons. During those lessons, we’ve tried tons of different equipment and experienced what works best firsthand. In the coming months, we’ll be sharing our top picks for training equipment, learn-to-swim tools, and accessories to help you or your child learn the right technique and have fun!

This month, we’re “kicking” off our recommendations with a piece of equipment that’s useful for swimmers of all ages and levels: fins.

Finis Long Floating Fins

Who these fins are good for:

Entry level swimmers (kids)

Why we recommend them:

These floating fins are perfect for practicing stroke drills. They help children and entry-level swimmers maintain a good body position, practice proper technique for butterfly and flutter kicks, and swim faster so you can get more practice in a shorter period of time.

A3 Performance Swift Kick Fins

Who these fins are good for:

Adult swimmers

Why we recommend them:

We like that these fins are short and lightweight. They help you swim quickly, improve leg strength, keep your body in the right position, and build your endurance.

Finis Monofins

Who these fins are good for:

Experienced competitors

Why we recommend them:

Monofins are perfect for competitive swimmers who are looking to improve their underwater fly kick, as well as their starts and turns. These fins create a whip-like action at the end of each kick, which propels you faster than any other type of fin. They’re also great for free diving and watersports.

All of these fins, plus our other favorite swimming equipment, can be purchased at EVO’s North Gilbert and SanTan Pro shops. For more fin recommendations or details about our Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Chandler swimming lessons, contact EVO Swim School at 480-404-6191.