Swimming Lessons…Two Suggestions For You

Leslie Powers_2Here at EVO, we’ve been teaching kids to swim since 2007. In that time we have helped thousands of families accomplish various goals – from just learning to swim in a backyard pool to swimming competitively – everyone can enjoy the many benefits swimming has to offer.

All of our customers have their own reasons for taking swimming lessons. Those reasons often change and evolve as parents discover that swimming can become part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s exciting to see children progress beyond the initial stages of learning to be safe in the water.

No matter what your reasons are for swimming, allow me to make two suggestions for those just getting started.

#1. EMBRACE THE IDEA that young children need consistency when learning how to swim. Many parents believe they can have their children take a few weeks of lessons and pick up where they left off “next year”. We don’t promote the idea that everyone should be enrolled year-round in swimming lessons (although many of our customers are). However, one or two months of swimming lessons per year is usually not going to deliver the results most parents are hoping for. Unfortunately, most kids will forget what has been learned and return to square one the next year. The danger with this pattern is the child never really becomes a confident swimmer.

#2. EMBRACE THE IDEA that once your child graduates from our Otter class level – while they have learned the basics of becoming an independent swimmer – they are not ready to be considered strong or safe swimmers. Even if your only goal is to have your child learn to swim, make sure they complete our second group level, the Seal class. After completing this level we can give our stamp of approval on being a strong and independent backyard swimmer.

Any time of year is a good time to get started or resume the lessons you started earlier this year. Set your goals, give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest!